Fantasy sports meets Esports. A new way to consume Esports and be a part of the action. Coming soon to:

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Experience a new way to play and watch Esports

No more sitting and watching the action, now you get to be a part of it. When you choose your teams and players you get live updates as the action happens!

You can brag to your opponents with your own customized avatar in real time.

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Live streaming with data

Esports move fast, with PlayerX you can stream the matches live while simultaneously getting insights and stats to fuel your team to the top.

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Build your team, choose your players.

Who is your favorite team? Who are your favorite players? Do you believe in them enough to pick them to represent you in the latest PlayerX tournament?

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LIVE & On-demand Streaming

PlayerX is the first Esports platform to bring you live video in sync with game data to bring you a brand new immersive experience. Watch your favorite tournaments all in one place, delivering real time stats before any other websites present it.

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Fantasy sports gamified.

A new Esports experience unlike any other. Join players worldwide and compete in the next generation of fantasy gaming.

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Esports redefined forever.

No more watching. Now you get to be a part of the action. Assemble teams based on your favorite players, teams, and games. Show your knowledge and dominate your opponents.

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Artificial Intelligence

In-game analytics to make your fantasy experience more enjoyable.

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High-Level Experts

International Expert Panel Help

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In-Game Communication

Brand new Communication - Direct Message, Video Conference, Record Yourself, Interactive GIF's


Industry experts share their top picks so you know who to play and who to skip.

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I love PlayerX! This is the first REAL fantasy platform for Esports

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Esports Enthusiast

This is an app that ranks, tracks and showcases teams, players and match ups in Esports and one which will allow you to watch them play live, anytime & anywhere.



Professional NFL player and esport athlete

PlayerX is what Esports has been missing!